Chongqing development steel company

Chongqing development steel company was founded in April of 2014, and has registered capital of 80 million, which is company a wholly-owned subsidiary of state controlling listed company Zhejiang Materials Development Group Co., LTD(hereinafter referred to as the “ZMD”) (Stock Code:600803), also it is the main branch of Zhejiang communication investment develop logistics. In order to improve the ability in chuanyu area, the company set up Chengdu branch in May of 2016. Now there are 51 employees and more than 95% of them are undergraduate. They are quality workforce. Our company is mainly engaged in providing steel, extrudate, tubing material, sheet material and other bulk commodities, and work for create chuanyu area bulk commodities network, and using sales network of Zhejiang communicate investment and ZMD to provide distribution services for customers. Many years, our company still devotes for chuanyu area market, and associate with competitive steel production enterprises and steel required enterprises so that integrate advantageous resources and develop together. Our company is mainly engaged in steels from Sichuan Chuanwei Iron & Steel Group Co., Shanxi Longmen iron & steel group Co., Ltd, Shanxi Jianbang Group, and cooperates with China Construction 4th Engineering Division Corp. Ltd, China Construction 2nd Engineering Division Corp. Ltd, other large construction enterprises for long time, also cooperates with jinke real estate, Hon Kong Land Group, and other famous the estate development. In the future development, our company will rely on the good fame and capital supply of CICO and ZMD, relies on “customer-oriented” as guideline, and on “servicing for infrastructure construction and made in China” as mission, “industry e-commerce and finance” as main method and strives for making chongqing development as the most competitive of means of production integration provider in Chuanyu area.