Industrial Material Department

Industrial material department of Zheshang Development Group Co.Ltd,is located in providing industrial materials for manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, we are actively expanding business in supply of building materials and factory supply chain services. Involved products consists of sheet category, profile category, construction steel from domestic major steel industry such as Lianyuan Steel, Liuzhou Steel, Lengshuijiang steel, Xinyu steel and so on. We provide a wide range of products, complete specifications, and transparent prices. Especially in the cooperation mode, we can provide personalized overall solution according to client needs. From beginning to end, we adhere to the basic principle of "leading the market, guiding the government, basing ourselves on the present, focusing on the long term, promoting the whole, focusing on breakthroughs, developing independently and opening up and cooperation". Client value-oriented, our goal is to be a truly outstanding industrial materials supply chain integration service providers, providing clients with the most valuable integrated services.