Supply Chain Development Department

Supply Chain Development Department of Zheshang Development Group Co.Ltd, established in March 2016 and 29 people enrolled, now is working in both Tangshan and Changsha. As the core area of China's steel industry, Tangshan is the main battlefield of the supply chain development business. At present, we take steel resources as the core, mainly in North China region, while developing East China, South China region, and continue to expand overseas markets. Our operating varieties include strip, coil, plate, billet, building materials, pipe profiles, iron ore, coal char, etc. Business model is mainly agent and self-employed. Clients are mainly steel processors, production terminals, taking into account traders and so on. We operate mainly in the downstream coil industry, such as steel pipe, pickling cold-rolled, color plate industry and some large machinery manufacturing industry. Currently, we have cooperated with the following steel mills: Hebei Tianzhu, China Railway Equipment, Hebei Iron and Steel, Xinbaotai, Tanghai Donghai, Tangrshan Jianlong, Tangshan Ruifeng, Tangshan Guofeng, Chengde Steel , Tangshan Wenfeng, Rizhao Steel, Yingkou Steel, Hubei Jinshenglan, etc. In addition, relying on the abundant resource advantages of the Company, we have gathered clients with certain scale needs in the region to provide their "five-in-one" full-service supply chain services: resource supply, business consulting, financial support, Logistics services, hedging. On the basis of "Resources + Funds", combining the advantages of domestic and overseas platforms and utilizing the mature e-commerce platform of the Company, we strive to create an integrated service system for the supply chain of bulk commodities and achieve win-win results with our clients. We will continue to improve the efficiency of our services and enhance the sensitivity of information. We will try our best to provide clients with all-round integrated services of high quality and create value for clients.