Hunan sanwei second-hand car trading market Co., Ltd.

Hunan sanwei second-hand car trading market Co., registered in 2006, registered capital of RMB 3 million yuan, which is a second-hand car store under the control of the holding management of Hunan three dimensional Enterprise Limited. The company is located in the economically developed, beautiful environment of Changsha County Zhongnan automobile world city, with a building area of 255.34 square meters, it is a second-hand car sales, card, insurance, finance, fine quality and other one-stop car shopping services and other multi-party integrated auto company,.Company operating vehicle positioning in high and middle quality new car, all the sales vehicles on the shelf are certified by professional 5A and 232 authoritative tests, rejecting not clear car, structural accident, blistering car, burning car. All vehicles of the company are complete and legal, as well as the perfect quality guarantee of a year's unlimited mileage, dedicated to becoming a leading second-hand car dealer. Create a good faith, transparent second-hand car trading environment; provide professional used car certification for consumers, second-hand car trading, used car assessment. The company has the four departments of the comprehensive management department, the finance department, the sales evaluation department, the risk management department. The company has more than 10 employees, of which 20% of the management technicians, in the financial, sales, and risk management services have a higher level of management in the market development. With strong financial strength, modern management mode and high-quality sales and service team, the company is building a first-class car buying service environment. Meanwhile, we will create the warmest atmosphere with the most enthusiastic attitude, the best service and the most caring care. Zhongtuo second- hand famous car shop is looking forward to your visit.