Zhejiang development logistics technology company

TEST-Zhejiang extension logistics technology co., ltd is a state-owned listed company - Zhejiang Zhejiang merchant group co., ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou, registered capital of 50m, registered in 2016, the management personnel are undergraduate and above qualifications, the company is based on modern logistics, committed to create a professional level and quality integrity service concept team quality, high level, knowledge, innovative team. The extension logistics centers on the supply chain service logistics platform of " logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow ". The company mainly faces the material logistics service field such as steel and so on, taking light assets management output as the main, promoting the expansion of logistics network, improving the service function and the integration of logistics resources, successively in Wuhan, Tangshan, Foshan, Linfen, Tongxiang and other places to set up logistics service outlets, including building steel, stainless steel coil, nickel - iron, etc., to provide customers with the need of warehousing, transit, loading and unloading, supervision, freight forwarding, logistics and other integrated logistics integrated services from raw materials to finished products. At present, the steel industry chain of supply chain management, logistics industry chain and other business systems have been formed, such as consignment note management, fund settlement, warehouse supervision, inventory management, transportation scheduling, distribution planning, risk control, management information and other links have strong optimization ability to provide customers with integrated logistics and supply chain financial services. The company has excellent team, mature partners, committed to " no - vehicle carrier" mode of logistics platform construction and operation, to achieve the strategic layout of internet plus logistics, through a large number of supply chain projects to undertake, decentralized logistics enterprises and resources to integrate, to form a strong competitive logistics enterprises and enterprise groups. Zhejiang development logistics technology company (hereinafter referred to as the “Logistic company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of state controlling listed company Zhejiang Materials Development Group Co., LTD(hereinafter referred to as the “ZMD”) in hangzhou, which has registered capital of 50 million and was founded in 2016, the mangers are all University graduates or above .Logistics company is based upon the modern logistics, and devotes to create a professional competencies team with high quality, knowledge-based and innovative, and acts in good faith. Logistics Company launches supply chain services based on the “flow of goods, flow of commerce, flow of capital, flow of information” of supply chain platform. The company main engaged in bulk commodities production of logistics services, and output asset light management, and impels logistics network development, service function consummation, and logistic resource integration. The company set up logistic point in Wuhan, Tangshan, Foshan Linfen, Tongxiang, and inventories include steel for buildings, stainless steel coil, nickel and iron. The company provides complex logistics service such as warehousing, distribution, load and unload, tutelage, forwarding from raw materials to end-product, supply chain finance. Now the company has the supply chain for steel industrial chain, logistics industrial chain and other business, and has competitive ability in receipt management, settlement businesses, warehouse control, inventory management, transportation, distribution, risk management, information management, so as to provide complex services in logistics and supply chain finance. The company owns excellent motorcades and work partners, and devotes for setting up and operating “electronic truck management” logistics platform and achieves internet with logistics strategy. The company complex logistics companies and resources through undertake large logistic projects, so as to become competitive logistic company and logistics conglomerate. The company will rely on the good fame and capital supply of CICO and ZMD, and involved in development target “125” of CICO and “five years-five years” strategy of ZMD to improve second time Pioneer, increasing logistics service ability, and designing, providing complex supply chain solutions for customers, and realize the value of stockholders, customers, employees and social value. In the future, Logistic Company relies on the strength of ZMD will achieve new chance for development, and make the company become a third part logistics company in powerful forces in society.